Sunday Menus

Sunday Curry Day

Green or Red or Penang or Massaman Curry

with Chicken or Beef or Vegetable.

Only £7.95


Special Set Menu

Only £13.95 per person


Your choice – Chicken Wings or Prawn on Toast or Chicken Satay


  • Chicken or beef or vegetable with

Your choice of

  • Green or Red or Penang Curry served with jasmine rice
  • Krapow (stir-fried spicy with basil) served with jasmine rice
  • Pad Numman Hoi (stir-fried with oyster sauce) served with jasmine rice
  • Pad Thai (stir-fried noodle with Pad Thai sauce)
  • Pad Kee Mouw (stir-fried large noodles with spicy Thai herbs)
  • Pad See Eu (stir-fried large noodles with egg and vegetables)
    • Khouw Pad (stir-fried rice with egg and chopped vegetables)



A la carte menu also available